George Anthon Kibbie



I am a creative writer and artist with a penchant for Science Fiction and Fantasy. It seems to me that it has always been that way. I grew up watching science-fiction movies and reading voraciously often staying up all night reading an entire novel.

After each movie or book I would ponder and dream about how to make it better. Eventually I stopped dreaming and began writing, learning much of my craft at The LongRidge Writers Group in Connecticut.

My works range from short stories and poems to current published works such as Justice, Strength of Blood, The Gravity Brokers and Dawn of Creation and I have even been known to write creative lyrics to popular children’s songs.

Other work I've done includes being a columnist for Professional Safety, the trade journal for The American Society of Safety Engineers and a technical writer for the construction industry.

I have also dabbled in graphic arts, creating characters for a children’s book series targeted toward differently enabled children.

I currently live with my eternal companion Charlotte in view of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Utah State.

Published Works


Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading my novels and for contacting me to speak to your group! Indeed one of the joys of my life as an author is to visit you, whether in person, via phone or by Skype, and talk about my books. If you want to schedule a book club visit or a speaking engagement for a larger event, please email me.

I'm frequently asked to speak to larger audiences, at universities, fundraisers, or libraries so if you'd like to contact me about speaking at your event or in your community, please email me. Please also note that I do ask a speaker's fee for larger functions. This is necessary to cover time and travel expenses. The fee can vary depending on the size of audience. Please use the email below to get in touch with me about your specific needs and we can get the ball rolling!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

- George